Ditching the Paper and Pen

I am a super planner! I plan my breakfast, lunch, and dinner in my planner that I keep in my bag at all times. Doctor visits for me, my fiancé or our pup, it’s in the book. Am I available to hang out on March 7th at 5:42 pm? Let me check my planner! So naturally when I got engaged one of my first purchases was to a wedding planning notebook. It has all the sections you would ever need: venue, cake, florist, addresses, etc. But for some reason this wedding planning book is not working for me! All of my ideas, vendors I have communicated with, and information I need is on my cell phone. Shockingly enough for wedding planning I have ditched the pen and paper entirely, and now have been doing all my planning on my new favorite website, WEBSITE (yes, you read this correctly.) WeddingWire!

Now you may ask why WeddingWire and not one of the other wedding websites like The Knot, or Zola. Well let me tell you! Honestly I tried all three of the websites, and their free apps for my iPhone, they are all pretty similar. These websites are great tools for organizing your wedding ideas, guest lists, check lists, and vendor contact information are all helpful categories on these sites. They even give you options to make a registries, or make websites for your guests to RSVP on! But the one reason that WeddingWire stands out compared to the rest, because I’m a super planner (or super crazy) is that you can make seating arrangements on their website. The names you enter on your guest list transfer to the seating arrangement tab, and you get to choose where you would like your guests to sit, and avoid conflict!

I highly recommend using WeddingWire, it’s free to sign up, and for the app. It is a great way to stay on task with your planning, and budgeting for your wedding. And it ensures you that Aunt Judy and Uncle Ross who are in a family feud will not be sitting ANY where near each other!

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